From Athens to Larnaca and from London to Dubai, the world is celebrating the goodness of Hans & Gretel’s taste!

Now, it’s time for Hong Kong to sing the same.

Magic will come to Hong Kong with force. We believe in our products to be the best quality on the market and Hong Kongers with taste will enjoy every bit of it.

Hans & Gretel promises to hook you up once you enter and the magical things will start happening as you immerse yourself in the sweet space of yummy treats. They craft every scoop of popping candies, fruit jellies, fruits lollipops, and waffles with care so that every bite makes you feel good about the world.

The fillings are generous and toppings legendary. So how about giving yourself a break and warming your cockles with our heavenly sweets decorated with fresh florals, pastel colours, and other spring classics.

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